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Cansolidator® Pantry Plus

Cansolidator® Pantry Plus

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Cansolidator® Pantry Plus
Cansolidator® Pantry
Cansolidator® Cupboard

Create the perfect organized pantry in one step. Our patented pantry organizers store and rotate your canned food First in, First out (FIFO), so you’re always eating your goods at their freshest. Our Cansolidator helps you declutter, organize and manage your food, so nothing gets lost or goes to waste. Save yourself from expired food, headaches trying to find the right can, and wasted money.

You’ll always find what you need with the Cansolidator canned goods rotating system. Keep your canned food in one convenient location and place it where it works best for you, in your pantry, cupboard, cabinet, or shelf. Store and organize up to 20 stacked cans (or add more Cansolidator food container systems to increase your storage) and keep your pantry organized.

Hold 50% more cans than the Cansolidator Pantry with the Cansolidator Pantry Plus!

  • Rotates cans First in, First out (FIFO)
  • Adjustable. Store what you eat. Fits a variety of can sizes
  • Expandable. Add more units side by side to expand your storage horizontally
  • Stackable. Connect more units above one another to increase your storage vertically (Recommended that no more than 2 be stacked)
  • Made from heavy-duty plastic 
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


    11” H X 30” W X 16.5” D


    • Holds up to 60 cans, 4" diameter or less
    • Fits large and standard soup can, vegetable can and smaller


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    Proudly Made in the USA
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    “This system has made such a difference in our food storage room. It’s easy to add the new food while sending the old to the front for first use. I can now clearly see what to add to the grocery list at a glance. As the top row empties, I know to buy more before the bottom row is gone. We’re never out of anything! The space-saving is tremendous! The price is right, and the value is amazing.”

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    • Adjustable

    • Automatic

    • Expandable

    Stack and expand your Cansolidator

    You can increase your storage and stack or expand your Cansolidator by connecting units side by side or above another. Or do both!

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