Maximizer Small Can Rotation Organizer

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Have more time for what you love with the Maximizer Small Can Rotation Organizer. It’s your kitchen’s perfect companion and does all the tedious stuff we forget to do; continually rotating cans so the oldest is eaten first, categorizing, organizing, and keeping track of what’s in stock. It really is the easiest food storage ever.

Maximizer Small Can Rotation Organizer is fully adjustable, so you can store all your favorite foods. From 4 - 20 oz, this food storage can rack holds up to 390 cans 4” in diameter and smaller.

  • Includes FREE GIFT of Magnet Food Labels 
  • Sized for larger spaces: 75”H x 36.5”W x 24.5”D
  • Holds up to 390 cans 4" in diameter and smaller