A Better Way to Organize Canned Food Storage

In 2004, we recognized a significant gap in canned food storage solutions—a problem affecting individuals, families, and small businesses alike. Improper storage technologies and lack of easy organization methods led to wasted canned food. We invented a unique solution that stands out from anything on the market:

-Heavy-duty construction to withstand regular use

-Adjustable design to accommodate various can sizes

-Stackable systems to optimize space and allow for customization

-True first-in, first-out (FIFO) rotation

We build high-quality canned food storage racks and systems, but our mission extends beyond that. We focus on helping people achieve the peace of mind that comes from being self-reliant. It’s part of who we are and why we do what we do.

We also believe in the benefits of canned foods. Despite being an older technology, canned foods have timeless and relevant applications. Research shows that people generally eat healthier when using canned foods. Canned food preserves most of its nutrition at the time of canning, and the containers are fully recyclable and sustainable.

We take pride in the satisfaction and peace of mind that come with being organized. Whether in the kitchen cupboard, pantry, or in a commercial setting like a restaurant or cafeteria, Shelf Reliance products help you know where things are and use them at the optimal time.

While FIFO food storage isn’t new, it hasn’t become mainstream yet. We hope you’ll try our products, love them, and share your experience with friends. It’s not just about selling more products; it’s about helping each person, family, or business become more organized, more sustainable, and gain more peace of mind.

Steve Palmer

Jason Budge

Dean Simmons