Cincinnati Chili, the flavorful food storage recipe you haven’t tried

Cincinnati Chili, the flavorful food storage recipe you haven’t tried

If you haven’t heard of Cincinnati Chili, your taste buds are in for a tasty experience! Cincinnati Chili is a unique style of chili that originated in, you guessed it, Cincinnati, Ohio. The most famous originator of Cincinnati Chili is often credited to a Greek immigrant named Tom Kiradjieff, who opened a small restaurant called Empress Chili in 1922.

Unique flavor

Cincinnati Chili’s distinctive flavor profile makes it unique, which combines savory, sweet, and spicy elements. It typically features ground meat (commonly beef), onions, garlic, tomato paste, and a blend of spices, including cinnamon, cumin, allspice, and chili powder. 

This chili is commonly served over a bed of cooked spaghetti with oyster crackers. Traditional add-ons include grated cheese, kidney beans, and diced onions.

Put your own twist on it

Not only is Cincinnati Chili delicious, but it’s also easy to adapt to your palate, and even better, it’s one you can put in the food storage recipe file. Create your recipe inspired by Cincinnati Chili using your favorite canned chili. For a faster authentic experience, you can also buy canned chili and sauce packets. Other ideas for topping include canned jalapeños, canned cheddar cheese sauce, hot sauce, or fried onions. You could serve it over fries, baked potatoes, hot dogs, or mashed potatoes. All those options sound delicious. 

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Cincinnati Chili recipe from food storage

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