Tips for rotating your non-can food storage

Tips for rotating your non-can food storage
You’ve found the perfect rotating methods for you when it comes to your canned goods, but what about your boxed and bagged food? They don’t have the same shelf life as canned food, so you’ll want to ensure you’re not forgetting to rotate these products.

The whole point of food storage is to have food to eat when you need it while still getting its nutritional value and flavor. Don’t let baking mixes and other dry goods like granola bars go past their best date because they won’t be as delicious.

First in, First out

No matter what type of food you’re storing, always put the newest in the back and the oldest in the front to use the first in, first out, or FIFO method. Using this method adds extra time and vigilance when putting away your groceries. We created automatic rotating shelving systems for canned foods to save you time and money and from the headache of having to throw out expired goods. Keeping your oldest food where it’s most accessible will help you use it at its peak taste and nutrition.

Write your own date

The expiration dates on packages are all over the boxes, and sometimes, they are hard to read. Using a dating system helps to make sure you always know what item is the oldest. You could even just write the date on the item, the day you bought it. This also helps you see how fast you’re going through your inventory, so write the date big so you can see it clearly.

Use a dark permanent marker and masking tape for a quick DIY method. Write the date on it and put it on the packages where you can easily see it. You can also purchase labels from Etsy or make your own if you feel crafty. Where you put the date is up to you. It could vary depending on location (on a high shelf or dark cupboard) but putting it on the top of your items usually lets you see it at a glance.

What are your tips and hacks for labeling your non-canned goods or making sure they don’t get stuck in the back of your pantry?

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