Maximizer Variety Can Rotation Organizer | Holds 300 Cans

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No more neglecting your food; this Shelf Reliance Maximizer Variety Can Rotation Organizer keeps your goodies perfectly organized and incredibly fresh, like a culinary symphony of preservation.

Say goodbye to unnecessary waste, thanks to its patented first-in, first-out rotation method that guarantees every bite is enjoyed at its best. Formerly known as "The Harvest," this can organizer has transformed into the ultimate in food storage. It's incredibly adjustable, letting you personalize it for your favorite foods. This system makes organizing a breeze, simplifying the process effortlessly.

With the added convenience of magnet labels, the process becomes even more streamlined. These labels, through their magnetic attachment, allow you to label and categorize your items without the need for adhesive or manual placements.

With the capacity to accommodate an impressive assortment of up to 300 cans of varying sizes, each type finds its designated place within the grasp of this organizer. The design features 2 upper tiers thoughtfully crafted to hold 150 cans (ranging from 3 to 21 ounces) with a 4-inch diameter. Nestled just beneath is a middle tier primed for up to 55 cans (ranging from 28 to 51 ounces), maintaining the same 4-inch diameter. And anchoring this innovation are 2 spacious lower tiers that can store 55 cans (ranging from 109 to 117 fluid ounces), boasting a 6-inch diameter.

Enter a world of culinary control with the Maximizer Variety Can Rotation Organizer from Shelf Reliance, where precision meets gastronomic greatness.

  • Keep your food organized and fresh with this maximizer variety can rotation organizer
  • Bid farewell to food waste using the patented first-in, first-out rotation method for optimal freshness
  • Formerly recognized as "The Harvest," this can rack has transformed, emerging as the pinnacle of food storage convenience
  • Adjustable allows you to customize the organizer to suit your preferences and favorite foods effortlessly
  • Accommodate up to 300 cans of various sizes with this versatile organizer
  • Designed with 2 upper tiers that can hold up to 150 cans that re 3 to 21 ounces with a 4-inch diameter
  • Middle tier accommodates up to 55 cans that are 28 to 51 ounces with the same 4-inch diameter
  • Includes 2 lower tiers that can store 55 cans that are 109 to 117 fluid ounces with a 6-inch diameter
  • Material: Metal, Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 24.5 x 36.5 x 75 inches
  • Manufacturer warranty: 30-day warranty