Maximizer Variety Can Rotation Organizer | Holds 300 Cans

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Short and long-term food storage is always easy to find with the Maximizer Variety Can Rotation Organizer. 

Stay on top of your inventory, eat and drink all your foods and soda at their freshest, and reduce waste with patented first-in, first-out rotation. Previously known as The Harvest and the Pantry Organizer and measuring 24.5” L x 36.5” W x 75” H, the Maximizer Variety Can Rotation Organizer is fully adjustable, so you can easily store every size of can available. 

It really is the easiest organization ever.

Even more organization

Categorize your Maximizer Variety Can Rotation Organizer with included FREE GIFT Food Storage Magnet Labels.

Holds up to 300 cans varying in dimension:

2 top small rows, up to 150 (3-21 oz) 4" diameter & smaller

1 middle medium row, up to 55 (28-51 oz) 4" diameter & smaller

2 bottom large rows, up to 55 (109-117 fluid oz) 6" diameter


Arrives in 2 boxes:
Box 1 includes Can Tracks, Straps, Instructions, and Magnet Labels
     Material: Plastic
     Weight: Approx. 30 pounds
     Color: Black
Box 2 Includes: Metal Frame
     Material: Metal
     Weight: Approx. 50 pounds
     Color: Black

  • 24.5” L x 36.5” W x 75” H
  • Includes FREE GIFT of Magnet Food Labels 
  • A fully built system holds up to 1000 pounds
  • Sturdy interlocking assembly
  • Build in the USA

Orders typically process and ship within 1-3 days.